Elevating Aviation Communities


Between 2007 and 2019, Webonautics embarked on sophisticated web development projects for SWIP (Society for Welfare of Indian Pilots) and NAG (National Aviators Guild), demonstrating our ability to create customized, multifaceted platforms. These initiatives reflected our deep commitment to creating complex, feature-rich applications tailored to the needs of specialized communities.

Webonautics Case Study: Elevating Aviation Communities

Project Overview:

We executed these projects for periods of 2 to 3 years each, with the goal of testing and refining a model that supports aspiring artists. Our platforms served as a nexus connecting emerging talents with industry professionals and scouts.

SWIP Project:

Comprehensive Web Application Development and AMC: Featured a multifaceted member area with functionalities for photo sharing, news updates, event calendars, grievance posting, and resource sharing.

PHPBB Forum Integration: A custom-skinned PHPBB forum with single authentication was integrated, fostering dynamic member discussions.

Advanced Admin Dashboard: Provided detailed tracking of member activities and access, enabling precise content control and moderation.

Niner Whisky Online Magazine:

In phase 2 of the SWIP project, we introduced “Niner Whisky,” an online magazine section.

This feature included a front-end display with cover page articles, dynamic listings for sections and articles, and multiple template options.

The admin dashboard was expanded to manage issues, sections, categories, articles, and advertisements, offering extensive control over the magazine content.

We incorporated design tools for the cover page and user group settings for content management and publishing, enhancing the platform’s interactive and editorial capabilities.

NAG Project:

Focused and Functional Development: Although more streamlined than SWIP, the NAG application maintained robust functionality, focusing on forums, news & events, and a member area.

Innovative Member Engagement:

Committee Member Selection via Online Polls: Both SWIP and NAG utilized online polls to appoint committee members, ensuring a democratic and member-driven process for organizational decision-making.

Technological Excellence:

Diverse and Comprehensive Systems: Both projects demonstrated our capability to develop comprehensive systems with a range of tools and features, tailored to the aviation sector's needs.

Customization and User Experience: Each aspect was designed for ease of use, high engagement, and functional excellence, underlining our dedication to delivering bespoke solutions.


The SWIP and NAG projects are prime examples of Webonautics' proficiency in managing intricate web applications. These platforms significantly enhanced community engagement and set new benchmarks in technical sophistication and user-centric design within the aviation sector. 

At a Glance

2007 to 2019

2007 to 2019

Projects Overview:

  1. SWIP (Society for Welfare of Indian Pilots):
  • Multifaceted web application development and AMC.
  • Features: Photo sharing, news updates, event calendars, grievance posting, resource sharing.
  • PHPBB Forum Integration with custom skin and single authentication.
  • Advanced Admin Dashboard for detailed activity tracking and content moderation.
  • “Niner Whisky” Online Magazine in phase 2, with dynamic content management capabilities.
  1. NAG (National Aviators Guild):
  • Streamlined version of SWIP’s application, focusing on forums, news & events, and a member area.
  • Online Polls for committee member selection.

Technological Highlights:

  • Development of diverse and comprehensive systems tailored for the aviation sector.
  • Focus on customization and user experience, ensuring functional excellence.


  • Enhanced community engagement within the aviation sector.
  • Set benchmarks in technical sophistication and user-centric design.

Webonautics’ projects for SWIP and NAG exemplify our expertise in handling complex web applications, demonstrating a commitment to technological excellence and community support.