A Webocolors CREATION

Webonautics® Unveils 'Motion and Music' productions

We’re thrilled to announce the new ‘Motion and Music’ productions at Webonautics ®, a heartfelt endeavor under Webocolors by Suma and Lathesh. This step of the journey blends the imaginative storytelling with the innovation of Generative AI, unfolding a world where creativity meets cutting-edge tech. It’s a reflection of our artistic spirit and technological curiosity. Join us as we embark on this exciting fusion, where every beat and pixel tell a story of passion and innovation. 

Central to ‘Motion and Music’ is our innovative use of Generative AI, a seamless expansion of our Interactive Multimedia skills honed at UTS Sydney. This cutting-edge technology becomes our canvas, blending our academic insights with creative exploration. It’s about adding a new dimension to what we produce, making each piece a blend of learned expertise and imaginative artistry. This fusion not only shapes our current creations but also charts the path for future innovations at Webonautics. 

Show Me: AIFS
AIFS (Suma and Lathesh)

'Show Me' - A Single by AIFS

Building on the excitement of our venture, Webonautics proudly presents our first single under ‘Motion and Music.’ We introduce you to AIFS (Suma and Lathesh), the creative force behind our latest release “Show Me.” This single marks a milestone in our journey, blending our passion for music with innovative artistry. “Show Me” is now available on several platforms, ready for you to experience the unique music of AIFS. Stay tuned for more releases as we continue to explore and expand in this dynamic fusion of music, motion, Generative AI and technology.

Our Essence

The Webonautics Way: Mission, Vision, Story...

Webonautics Essence: Mission


We design.
We code.
We deliver.
We build relationships.
We create experiences.

Webonautics Essence: Vision


Creating Digital Experience with a Touch of Life.
(Since 2000)
- A Vision Unchanged,
Yet Ever Evolving...

Webonautics Essence: Story


Established in 2000 in Mangalore, India, we extended our expertise to Sydney, Australia, where we operated until 2014. Now, we are based in Mangalore and Mumbai.

Webonautics Essence: Bits N Bytes

Bits N Bytes

Discover where stories and tech unite. Dive into our world of creativity, from behind-the-scenes peeks to colorful showcases. It's Webonautics in pixels and prose.

Our Services

Tailored Solutions, Real Results

Engaging Digital Ecosystems

Web & Mobile Development

  • We bring your vision to life, online and on-the-go.
  • We transform ideas into dynamic online platforms. Seamless, responsive, and tailored to your needs.
Your Brand, Unleashed and In the Spotlight

WordPress Solutions

  • We make WordPress work for you, creating sites that are both beautiful and functional.
  • From custom themes to e-commerce, we provide WordPress solutions for engaging, connected experiences.
Crafting Your Digital Footprints

Visuals, Identity, and GFX

  • Not just pixels, but expressions; we create visuals that tell your story.
  • From brand identity to digital masterpieces, we leave a lasting impression.
Creativity Imagined, Enhanced by AI

Generative Media FX

  • Whether you're a brand or an individual, we can craft unique posters, videos, and artworks tailored just for you.
  • From personalized t-shirts to custom product designs, we design with a creative twist to make it uniquely yours.
Airvionics DMS: Distribute. Notify. Comply. Engage.

Streamlining Documents Distribution Compliance and Operations Since 2008

Airvionics DMS is a trusted partner in document management. Born from the aviation industry’s unique needs, this platform has been simplifying compliance and operations for over a decade. With a focus on user-friendly design and adaptability, Airvionics DMS is more than just a tool—it’s a solution. Whether you’re in aviation or any other compliance-driven industry, discover how Airvionics DMS can make your life easier.


Motley Colors of Life and Art

Webocolors is not just a concept; it’s a vision for the future, created by Suma and Lathesh. Imagine a canvas where technology and creativity blend seamlessly to craft digital masterpieces. We’re pushing the boundaries, from immersive digital experiences to transformative visual storytelling. Nurtured by Suma and Lathesh that understands both the art and science of the digital world; it’s the next exciting chapter in the Webonautics journey. This is where the wildest digital dreams take flight, and we warmly invite you to be a part of this exhilarating journey.

Two Decades of Innovation and Personalized Service

Our Journey, Your Success

Two Decades of Digital Excellence
Shaping the Digital Landscape, One Experience at a Time

Two Decades of Digital Excellence

For over 20 years, we’ve been more than just a design agency. We’ve been a digital partner, shaping hundreds of ideas into lasting digital experiences. From web and mobile apps to community platforms and beyond, we’ve enhanced how organizations and individuals interact online. Our work isn’t just about technology; it’s about creating digital landscapes where businesses thrive and communities flourish.

Suma and Lathesh: A Duo of Tech and Creativity

The Hearts and Minds of Webonautics

Guided by the creative and technical skills of Suma and Lathesh, Webonautics is more than just a design agency. With over 23 years of industry experience, this dynamic duo has cultivated a space where innovation thrives, and quality is non-negotiable. We’re not just about getting bigger; we’re about getting better. Our diverse portfolio, including our flagship web and mobile application Airvionics, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The Hearts and Minds of Webonautics
A Canvas of Creativity and Tech Insights

Bits N Bytes

Dive into the vibrant heart of Webonautics with our Bits N Bytes section, a cozy corner where technology meets soul. Here, we peel back the layers, offering you a glimpse into the minds that fuel our innovation. From the latest tech insights to the sparks of creativity that light up our world, it’s a space where curiosity meets wisdom, and where every byte tells a story. Join us as we explore the digital landscape with a touch of humanity and a sprinkle of joy.