The Dynamic Duo

Fuelled by Creativity and Technology

Meet the heart and soul of Webonautics, Suma and Lathesh, a dynamic duo whose synergy forms the bedrock of our agency. Their journey began in the bustling city of Mangalore, where a shared passion for technology and creativity brought them together. Their camaraderie is not just confined to being business partners but extends to being life partners, sharing a deep-rooted friendship that has stood the test of time. Together, they have embarked on a journey that spans cities and decades, a testament to their unyielding bond and shared vision.

The Dynamic Duo
The Journey of Mastery

From Tech Aficionados to Industry Experts

Director: Operations

Suma Srinivas

After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Management in 1994 from SDM College of Business Management, Mangalore, Suma ventured into the world of technology with a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering in 1996. Her passion for multimedia led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in 2004. Suma embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation, constantly seeking to blend artistry with technology in every project she undertakes.

Director: Technology

Lathesh Suryakantha

A graduate from the NITTE University, Mangalore, Lathesh has always been fascinated by the intricate world of computer science. Completing his degree in Engineering in 1999, he further honed his skills with a Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in 2004. Lathesh brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm.

A Symphony of Skills

Crafting Digital Narratives Together

At Webonautics, Suma and Lathesh create a harmonious blend of creativity and technology, crafting digital narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Their combined skill set forms a powerhouse of innovation, where ideas transform into tangible experiences, and visions take shape in the digital realm. Together, they aspire to continue their journey, fostering connections, building relationships, and creating digital experiences that leave a lasting imprint.