Charting New Heights


Since its inception, Airvionics DMS, a product by Webonautics, has been a cornerstone in revolutionizing document management for the aviation industry. This case study explores the impact of Airvionics DMS across major airline clients, highlighting the bespoke digital solutions tailored for each.

Webonautics Case Study: Charting New Heights
Jet Airways (2008-2019):

Customized Implementation: Airvionics DMS was adapted specifically for Jet Airways, providing a comprehensive document management solution.

Innovative Dual Access: Enabled both Jet Airways and Jetlite to use a single installation, demonstrating the system’s flexibility and efficiency.

Airvionics iOS App Introduction (2014): Enhanced accessibility and user experience for Jet Airways’ flight crew through a dedicated iOS app.

Oman Air (2010-2024):

Ongoing Adaptation: Utilizing Airvionics DMS Version 0.4, continuously updated with re-engineered code to stay current with PHP advancements.

Long-Term Engagement: Showcased a long-standing commitment to support and enhance Oman Air’s document management processes.

Jetlite (2012-2019):

Streamlined Version: Developed a simplified version of Airvionics DMS, focusing on essential functionalities for the flight crew.

Consistent Support: Continued providing reliable services until the closure of operations in 2019.

Cabin Crew - Jet Airways (2012-2019):

Cabin Crew-Specific Solution: Implemented a tailored version of Airvionics DMS for Jet Airways’ cabin crew, ensuring streamlined and efficient document handling.


Airvionics DMS has consistently demonstrated its versatility and adaptability in meeting the unique needs of each airline. As a Webonautics product, it has not only streamlined document management in the aviation industry but also set a benchmark for innovation and customized digital solutions. The sustained success of Airvionics DMS across various clients is a testament to Webonautics' commitment to technological excellence and client satisfaction.

At a Glance

2008 to 2024

2008 to 2024

Product Overview:
Airvionics DMS (a webonautics product), a revolutionary document management system for the aviation industry.

Key Implementations:

1. Jet Airways (2008-2019):

  • Customized document management solution.
  • Dual access for Jet Airways and Jetlite.
  • Introduction of Airvionics iOS App in 2014.

2. Oman Air (2010-2024):

  • Continuous adaptation of Airvionics DMS Version 0.4.
  • Long-term support and technological updates.

3. Jetlite (2012-2019):

  • Streamlined version of Airvionics DMS for essential flight crew functionalities.
  • Support until the closure of operations.

4. Cabin Crew – Jet Airways (2012-2019):

  • Custom solution for efficient document handling for cabin crew.

Technological Highlights:

  • Demonstrated versatility and adaptability to meet unique airline needs.
  • Continuous updates and customization to ensure cutting-edge performance.


  • Streamlined document management in the aviation industry.
  • Set benchmarks for innovation and client-centric digital solutions.

Airvionics DMS exemplifies Webonautics’ commitment to technological excellence and client satisfaction, revolutionizing document management in aviation.