Bridging Communities


From 2010 to 2012, Webonautics played a pivotal role in the Social Outreach Accreditation Program (SOAP), an initiative spearheaded by Gul Panag through Gul 4 Change and the Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation. This project underscored our dedication to social responsibility and digital innovation, aimed at fostering community engagement and collaboration.

Webonautics Case Study: Bridging Communities
Services Provided:

Our contributions to SOAP encompassed a range of services:

Brand Logo Design:
We crafted a meaningful visual identity for SOAP, aligning with its mission and values.

Website Design:
Our team developed an informative and user-friendly website, serving as the central hub for the program.

Web Application Development and Maintenance:
We built and maintained a robust web application to streamline the program’s operations.

Online Approval Support:
Implementing efficient systems for the online approval of NGOs, volunteers, and partner institutions.

Volunteer Program Support and Collaboration:
Enhancing the platform’s capabilities for volunteer coordination and collaborative efforts.


Program Overview:

SOAP emerged as a collaborative platform uniting NGOs, volunteers, educational institutions, and corporates. The initiative addressed the need for a systematic approach to social responsibility, fulfilling the aspirations of individuals to contribute, and the operational needs of NGOs and institutions.

Key Features and Impact::

SOAP Credits System:
A distinctive feature was the SOAP Credits system, rewarding volunteers for their contributions, with recognition from colleges, schools, and corporates. These credits added significant value to the volunteers’ profiles and served as a measure for CSR performance.

Wide Participation and Success:
The initiative successfully registered thousands of volunteers, engaged up to 100 NGOs, and involved around 50 colleges and corporates. Notably, 12 significant volunteering projects were completed, including community-oriented activities like reading to children in slums.

Diverse Collaboration:
SOAP exemplified the power of collaboration, with the involvement of Gul Panag’s Gul 4 Change, the Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation, and various other stakeholders, demonstrating a unified commitment to social betterment.


SOAP stands as a testament to how digital platforms can be leveraged for significant social impact. Webonautics' role in this initiative not only highlights our technical expertise but also our commitment to societal change, marking a notable chapter in our journey of harnessing technology for social good.

At a Glance

2010 to 2012

2010 to 2012

Initiative Overview:
Social Outreach Accreditation Program (SOAP), led by Gul Panag through Gul 4 Change and the Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation.

Services Provided:

  • Brand Logo Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Web Application Development and Maintenance
  • Online Approval Systems for NGOs, volunteers, and institutions
  • Volunteer Program Support and Collaboration

Program Highlights:

  • SOAP Credits System: Innovative feature rewarding volunteers, recognized by colleges, schools, and corporates.
  • Wide Participation: Engaged thousands of volunteers, up to 100 NGOs, and around 50 colleges and corporates.
  • Significant Projects: Completed 12 major volunteering projects, including community-oriented initiatives.


  • Facilitated a unified platform for social responsibility and community engagement.
  • Demonstrated the potential of digital platforms in driving societal change.

The SOAP initiative highlights Webonautics’ blend of technical prowess and commitment to social betterment, emphasizing the role of technology in achieving social impact.